July 22: Fiveplay, An Inflationary Sonnet

Three-night, while walking dogs, my lover spoke
Eleven-derly, he pontific-nine-d
Upon our dachshund, and he made two jokes
That left me laughing and exhilar-nine-d.

And as with b’nine-ted breath my darling w’nine-d,
I offered him whiskered, wee ca-ten.
Three do so as he pleased; we both confl-nine-ed
Our mirth with wit which spurns the asi-ten.

Our kiss beneath one-and-a-quarter moon
Was promise and seduction all at twice.
And so we seized two moments opportune
And had two interludes that were quite nice.

Such two-derful delights within his arms!
I shall commemor-nine his many charms.

Inspiration: Victor Borge’s inflationary language

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