September 30: Mental Health Day

Dear Place of Work, Ms. Weber won't be in Today, tomorrow, possibly all week. She suffers from a lack of keratin Upon her toes, and maladies unique: I diagnose presymptomatic states Pertaining to her oddly sound psychosis: Ideopathic syndrome, which dictates A somewhat unpredictable prognosis. And therefore, I prescribe a regimen Of neuroactive exercises, such … Continue reading September 30: Mental Health Day

September 25: Acquainted With the Sunrise

Encountering a snapshot of the past, Can generate nostalgic introspection, As one finds things that render one aghast But also joy in those small imperfections, Because it means that it was truly real. As you grow chronologically apart, From your work, objectivity anneals Reproachful mind and then forgiving heart. It's sad that it's so easy … Continue reading September 25: Acquainted With the Sunrise

September 22: In Which I Am Self-Deprecating and Meta

When so much happens in a single day That fourteen lines cannot contain it all, I must cut ruthlessly joy and dismay That seems on recollection more banal Than simple pleasures, grumpy anecdotes, From which my pithy aphorisms spring; Fun to extemporaneously quote, Thus needful, therefore to those words I cling. But my desire to … Continue reading September 22: In Which I Am Self-Deprecating and Meta