The gods and demons of ages past didn’t simply give up when people stopped believing in them. They’re still here, in our workplaces, in our homes. They’re with us from the day we’re born until the day we die, and beyond. Like gods and demons themselves, the seventeen short stories of IMMANENCE will each show a different face to you, and you will never forget them.

Libby Weber manifests twice in IMMANENCE with her stories “Riders of the White Horse,” a suspenseful face-off between demons who bring destruction to a sleepy California ranch and Beatriz Yorba, the only one who can stop them, and “Who Tricks the Tricksters?” a divine farce in which the Trickster Caucus of the Congress of Deities convinces the Council of One True Gods to sponsor legislation that will allow them to cause commercial mayhem on earth, at least until the Fates become involved.



What if the creatures of our childhood nightmares aren’t safely extinct? What if they’re living next door? What if they pass among us every single day? Loving us. Watching us. Devouring us. Eleven authors from the US and Europe give us fifteen striking short stories about the creatures in our midst. Turn on all the lights and lock the doors. Get to know some Thoroughly Modern Monsters, if you dare.

Libby Weber is the evil mastermind behind two stories in Thoroughly Modern Monsters, “Seeking Single Human Male, No Stakers,” in which a vampire with an interesting side gig turns to a professional to help her find Mr. Right, and “The Skin of My Teeth” a noir-inspired mystery in which a marine biologist must face her own demons in order to explain how a shark that’s normally harmless to humans came to be implicated in a man’s death.



Beer is not merely a combination of water, malt, yeast, and hops: it’s the fruit of the human mind, where science, art, and industry meet. As such, it is not only a joy to share with friends, it’s a great inspiration for stories. “A Six Pack of Stories” is your easy-to-carry container of 24 short works of fiction inspired by the world’s finest beverage, ranging from humor to horror. So open a beer, open the book, and enjoy.

Libby Weber concocted “The Absent Brewer,” the lead story for A Six Pack of Stories, in which a homebrewer-turned-pro mysteriously vanishes shortly before his first, much-anticipated commercial beer is to be released. Armchair detectives at the local craft brew bar speculate on where Nigel Popkins has gone and why, but it takes more than knowledge of beer to get to the bottom of his disappearance.