March 24: Straight “A”s

If you think it portends invalidation
Of sonnet form to have no variation
In rhyme, you should prepare for consternation:
I suffer from an “ation” word fixation.

Is rhyming A and B a violation
Of scheme, or is is it owed appreciation
As virtuosic rhyming demonstration,
Or as a means to build anticipation?

I have such fun with verbal ostentation,
Which well befits my writing reputation,
And listing words that cause stultification
Helps me avoid them in communication.

So please forgive this brief pontification
Against the creep of nominalization.

For Eeps

Inspiration: Zombie Nouns by Helen Sword.

2 thoughts on “March 24: Straight “A”s

    • I’m so happy I’m not the only one who finds this funny 😀 The friend to whom this is dedicated and I used to make dull tasks go more quickly by listing all the “ation” words we could think of. I think she was the one who taught me “defenestration,” which is a word I love to this day, for all that it didn’t make it into the final draft of this sonnet.

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