March 23: Bounce and Wag

Bounce and Wag
While Bounce and Wag may be devoted friends,
Each has some strengths and some deficiencies.
When Wag devours food, Bounce condescends,
In time, that food his hunger may appease.

When playing, Wag will zig and Bounce will zag,
They’ll bounce and wag, your greeting to announce.
In general, Bounce bounces and Wag wags,
Except when Bounce may wag and Wag will bounce.

When treats are in the offing, both will wag,
And when we go on walkies, both will bounce.
Though Bounce will often try to lollygag.
Of self control, Wag hasn’t got an ounce.

Their virtues are amusing to extol,
Their vices make my tribute to them whole.

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