December 3rd: Some Enchanted E-vening

You hear a pop and suddenly, a pope
Is seated on a log inside the loge,
The janitor with mop begins to mope
About the dog who’s suddenly a doge.

Below, they watch a stag upon the stage
While one man on his date’s nape takes a nap,
And since she’s on the rag, she’s filled with rage,
Her box-mates are agape and mind a gap.

It’s far too great a din for them to dine,
And though they’d like to bare all at the bar,
They would much rather win in terms of wine,
Though they will take great care to drive the car.

And through the window grim from built-up grime,
Appears a passerby, prim in her prime.

With thanks to Tom Lehrer.

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