September 12: A Spoonful of Sugar

A drink of water didn’t do the trick,
Nor hic did holding breath and swallowing,
And scaring me won’t happen, trust me. hic
Rather, hic I’m self-pity-wallowing.

I’ll suck hic lemon, breathe into a bag,
Though by these remedies I can’t be cured-
I can’t go back a meal and this time lag,
So to these tiresome tics I’m hic inured.

And yet, declining “this” in ancient tongue
Entices me to truly go for broke
Ensuring classics scholars I’m among
When I make puns involving hic haec hoc.

The vagus nerve is hard hic to appease,
So why not make whatever jokes you please?

4 thoughts on “September 12: A Spoonful of Sugar

    • Thank you! For all that I once made a half-hearted attempt at an Italian flavored Petrarchain sonnet, I’m not nearly brave enough to attempt a whole sonnet in anything other than English. But Latin jokes? THOSE I can do!

    • Interesting. In US English, the phrase “ad hoc” is the only time I can think of when the word hoc is pronounced “hock.” In my Latin classes and in sung liturgical Latin, it’s always been “hoke.”

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