May 9: Sea Shark Major

You might think that the several rows of teeth
And lack of fingers might prevent a shark
From being musical, but underneath
The water, you will find you’re off the mark.

Chondrichthyans, you see, can really swing,
And all the ectothermic dig cool jazz;
While megamouths’ ambtion is to sing,
The swell shark’s bongos add assured pizzazz.

But if a shark shows up to play your gig
Be sure to give respect as it is due
Remember that great whites are not just big,
They take artistic pride in what they do.

And if you place some value in your life,
Avoid requesting tunes like “Mack the Knife.”

2 thoughts on “May 9: Sea Shark Major

    • *cracks up* I confess to having been ignorant of that particular cultural phenomenon. I kind of love that this shark character fights with his pectoral fins and not his teeth. Perhaps this is related to his observed lack of respect?

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