April 29: Humble Pi

Three point one four five nine two six five three…
Point blank for many culinary puns,
Won great attention in antiquity
For making great domes able to be done.

One finds the number inescapable.
Fie on those who would utter
“Nein!” in the face of the inevitable,
To overlook the gold that’s in the gutter.

Sic erat scriptum, transcendental number,
Fife and drum presage your infinite march-
Thee and I, nonrepeating, will soon slumber
Five fathom full, beneath the heavens’ arch.

Ate we the sweet fruits of the ancient world,
Nigh 3-14-15 draws; joy unfurled!

See what I did there? Ideally, I’d have written this on March 14th, but I knew the concept would require more time than I had to execute.

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