April 18: Self-Compassion

On days when tiredness stymies memory,
I do not tax my brain- it is unwise.
I focus on the rudimentary,
The fundamental on which work relies.

And when my voice is tired, I must respect
Its limitations, even though I chafe
To sing full-voiced, I know that to protect
The instrument means shunning the unsafe.

But when I’m hoarse and tired, those double wrongs
Combine to make an exponential right,
Because I know a lot of three-chord songs
Whose range is such that don’t have to fight.

I find it fun to have a brief affair
With singing when I sound a bit like Cher.

2 thoughts on “April 18: Self-Compassion

    • You tell me! Oh, you mean for me? I usually sing a lot of Stevie Nicks. I do a killer Rhiannon when I have a cold, but when I’m hoarse, I usually stick to Landslide, since it’s easy to play on guitar.

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