March 7: A Field Guide to Months

The month of March, reputed to arrive
A roaring lion and depart a lamb,
Instead, it was a whale about to dive
That made to crush us like a battering ram.

And then the whale dissolved into a flock
Of black and orange monarch butterflies,
Which then solidified into a hawk,
Whose hunting call was lost in windy skies.

The transformations last less than a day,
Some guises linger barely for an hour-
One can’t but marvel at the grand display
And range of nature’s metamorphic power.

To call it a menagerie is fair,
As March is madness, I am splitting hares.

4 thoughts on “March 7: A Field Guide to Months

    • Gosh, thanks! I feel a bit bad talking about the changeable climate in southern California when the rest of the country is buried under snow, but at least we actually did have some capital W-weather to inspire the sonnet 😀

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