I thank the powers for this middling day,
Which started with anticipatory tears,
That grew into resolve to always play
With creatures that I hope to have for years,

Which made me impotent to rise and leave
For work, when to my lap Giovanni leapt
But running for the bus, I couldn’t grieve
The presence of the dog for whom I’d wept.

I did the necessary things at work,
And musically, I did just well enough
To mask the studying I might have shirked,
Though it was unequivocally rough.

And though the day left much to be desired
Perhaps tomorrow I will be inspired.

Inspiration: i thank You God for most this, e. e. cummings

February 24: On Average

4 thoughts on “February 24: On Average

    • Oh, he’s fine. I just had an introspective few minutes reflecting on the briefness of canine life as he demanded tummy rubs and gave me morning kisses. Tears, yes, but out of gratefulness as well.

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