February 23: Old Songs

To hear a live performance of a song
That you remember from a certain time,
It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t long
Ago, you yearn for it to be sublime,

To sound exactly as it did the day
You first allowed the music in your soul.
So when the opening chords begin to play,
You fear that it no longer makes you whole,

Because the singer’s voice is rough and tired,
His high notes do not soar as they once did,
His touring band’s quite recently acquired,
He looks like an adult and not a kid;

Yet he makes miracles beyond your ken;
And makes the old song new for you again.

6 thoughts on “February 23: Old Songs

    • It’s a special artist that can do this, I think. Sometimes extraordinary circumstances, too. Like hearing The Might Be Giants’ defiant, joyous rendition of “New York City” the week after September 11, 2001.

  1. I too, alas, am rough and tired,
    And I do not soar as I once did,
    My aches and pains are recently acquired,
    I look like an adult and not a kid…
    Which means this makes perfect sense and I appreciate the miracle all that much more 😉

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