February 21: Epithalamium

When we were wed, it was a civil do,
With ten, including us and celebrant.
And that simplicity I do not rue,
Except one item after the event.

In ancient times, a nuptial song was sung
Outside the wedding chamber for the pair.
From that and Spenser inspiration sprung,
And ten years on, I’ll write my own and share:

Now welcome night, and welcome we sweet sleep;
You shoo the dogs away and warm the sheets
While I kick dirty clothes into a heap,
That my approach with grace might be replete.

Our lips meet in that jasmine-scented night,
We sigh in pleasure, then turn off the light.

2 thoughts on “February 21: Epithalamium

    • Thanks! I realized about ten minutes after posting that this really should have been a Spenserian sonnet rather than Shakespearean, but it was too late to revise. I still like it, even if the form doesn’t reflect the content quite as well as it could have. 😀

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