February 20: Contrariwise

On schadenfreude I’m ambivalent;
It may give glee, but leaves behind no peace.
And while it lets old irritations vent,
It breeds new ones that fester sans release.

So when I see a skilled contestant fail,
I’m torn between a wince of empathy
And rattling off some questionable tale
Exempting him or her from sympathy.

It’s flattering to think we can decide
If people are deserving of success;
And easy then, their talents deride,
But it’s contempt that’s born of bitterness.

There’s balance to be found within the shoes
Of those who win as well as those who lose.

2 thoughts on “February 20: Contrariwise

  1. Very true. And the favored one has that additional pressure of higher expectations. Their skill actually makes their competitors work all that much

    • Yeppers. And just getting to the Olympics requires such mind-boggling dedication and decades of work, to fail on such a huge stage with the world watching… well, I’ve never been tempted to try being an elite athlete, that’s for sure.

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