February 13: A Grate Sonnet

In days of your, there lessons were quite strict,
And everybody knew witch word to use.
But nowadays yore likely to be tricked
By homophones in writing you peruse.

Such errors have become ubiquitous:
Its pointless trying to call each instance out-
Your likely to be called punctilious
Or worse, to feel a moment of self-doubt.

Four when a clever friend’s the one to make
The lapse, theirs consequent uncertainty;
Who’s instincts are at fault for the mistake?
Who’s brain misfired, albeit partially?

Retreat then, to you’re trusty usage guide,
To tell the truth from lies, lay, laid, and lied.

3 thoughts on “February 13: A Grate Sonnet

  1. I discovered with my Soonerism Sponnet that having multiple instances of a joke in a single line seriously impedes comprehension, which is why I held back in this one. I might half two right won thats awl homophones too sea if eye Cannes. But that might be a bit much. 😀

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