January 5: Onomotopoea Sonnet

Drone. Ribbit. Humm– Bark! Woof! Sniff! Baying howl!
Crunch-Crunch-Crunch. Snap! Crash! Rustle! Dash-Dash-Dash!
Pant-Pant. Sursurrus. Swallow. Silence. Growl.
Crunch-Crack! Snag-Rustle! Squelch-squelch! Hurk! Ker-splash!

Rush rushing; Murmur, Hissing, Gurgle- Thump!
Gasp! Dripping dribble! Moan. Ka-CHUNK! Ker-BLAM!
Whizz! Tchick! UH! Sprint-sprint-sprint! Snag! Bump!
AIEEEE! Scrunch! Cough! Gasp! Rasping. Wincing. Slam!–

Clasp. Hoisting. Squishing. Gasping. Whew! Honk honk!
Grunt. Scraping, limp. Thump! Slam! Rasp gasp! Pause. SMACK!
Ow! Growl, groan, wrestle! Sniff. Snort. Giggle. Bonk.
Smooch, moaning, nipping. Tap. Ka-CHUNK! Crack! Crack!

Crash! Tinkle! DUCK! Brace! Rumble. Tic. Ka-BOOM!
Grasp. Chuckle. Smooch. Click. Roar. Shift. Squeal. Va-ROOM!

Cue James Bond Theme.

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