Lost Time

It's both strange and wonderful, after a year of writing daily sonnets, not be be writing daily sonnets. One would think that my post-sonnet-project schedule would feel less daunting, and yet anybody who knows me well knows that I'm happiest when I'm busy doing things that I love. So I've been no less busy this … Continue reading Lost Time

A Bribe For My Kind Editor, or Pony Up

Your shaggy, winsome countenance belies A strength borne out of harsh austerity Unparalleled, comparative to size, A product of your insularity. Your humble, compact form inspires delight, Small children are entrusted to your back-- Beloved pets, devoted guides, despite Strong will, which manifests in training's lack. And yet I cannot look into your faces Without … Continue reading A Bribe For My Kind Editor, or Pony Up