It’s here! It’s here!

My book, RISK A VERSE: A Year in Daily Sonnets is officially available for purchase on Amazon!

I checked with my publisher, Burrito Books, about the best place(s) to purchase the book, and they encouraged me to shoo people to Amazon, though people/business interested in bulk purchases should contact them. Their plan is to get an e-book version on Kindle and other platforms within the next months, but for now, it’s available in paperback only, So shoo! Shoo!

I am thrilled that after all these years preparing and editing the manuscript, my crazy year of sonnets is actually a book!

Funny, having the book out feels a lot like posting my final sonnet of that year: deeply satisfying to have successfully finished, but also exciting to move on to the next thing. And I certainly have a number of irons in the creative fires! But today? I’m taking it easy. Because putting a cap on a project of nearly four years is not something one does every day. Also, I have a cold and would strongly prefer not to be coughing up a lung during my final rehearsals for next weekend’s performances.

So yeah. Situation normal.

Love to All!


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