Lost Time

It’s both strange and wonderful, after a year of writing daily sonnets, not be be writing daily sonnets. One would think that my post-sonnet-project schedule would feel less daunting, and yet anybody who knows me well knows that I’m happiest when I’m busy doing things that I love. So I’ve been no less busy this year, I’m just busy doing different things! Such as…

  • I’ve had two short stories accepted for publication this year! More details to come on that front when I have them.

The one downside to taking wonderful vacations is that day-job vacation time is finite. Thus, this year I will be missing out on the writer’s retreat that I have been part of for the past three summers. I will miss spending time with my friends and luxuriating in the time and space to write as much or as little as I wish. I will be with them in spirit and will write as much on my own as I can!

Of course, being me, I have ambitious plans for the rest of the year, including but not limited to four exciting summer singing gigs, serving as deputy editor for an anthology of short stories (again, details forthcoming), curating and publishing my sonnets from last year, and finally finishing the draft of The Novelsomething I’ve been threatening to do for some time now. So I may be quieter here in 2015 than I was in 2014, but I hope to have many excellent things to show for it by year’s end.

And possibly an additional sonnet or two.

Love to All!


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