September 4: Counted Sweetest

The football season kickoff was tonight,
Which spelled the end of those fantastic days
In which I wore the golden crown outright,
My badge of victory. How fortune plays

Desire! I, who had finished in last place
So many times before, should then succeed-
The joker suddenly became the ace,
And found herself reluctant to concede.

Though many weeks shall pass before it’s known
Who’s next up in our league’s line of succession,
Each point’s an increment that makes the throne
More out of reach in this, my lame duck session.

And yet, if I’m to lose, I’ll double down.
Quixotic grows the head that wore the crown.

2 thoughts on “September 4: Counted Sweetest

  1. While you may not be reigning champion, they can never take away your title. A league victory lasts through the annals of the interwebs and memory.

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