August 3: Luxury of Laps

One swim revealed that I was out of shape.
The second showed it’s easy to improve.
The third time out I managed to escape
With only broken goggles- I could move!

And on the fourth, new goggles now procured,
I managed to complete my old workout,
Though celebration would be premature,
As tempting as it is to whoop and shout.

It’s really not impressive to have done
A thing my body trained to do for years.
Though I confess, I find it rather fun
To feel familiar strokes slip into gear.

I savor my accomplishments but know
That I have quite a distance yet to go.

Note: This was written and uploaded as a draft on August 3rd, but I neglected to publish it and didn’t notice I’d failed to do so until August 7th. Oops. Clearly my brain was waterlogged. I have backdated this entry, but feel free to point and laugh anyway.

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