August 1: Handfast Friends

Today, two individuals were joined,
Four siblings, eight immediate relations,
And over sixteen other friends enjoined
To give support and joy to celebrations-

For love of one another two were wed,
For love of two, so many came together
To give good wishes for their road ahead;
That it be strewn with great things altogether.

Therefore, it is no wonder that among
Those gathered were the seeds of friendships new,
That when the vows were vowed and songs were sung
Kinships unfurled and old connections grew.

This gathering was notably inclined
To have respect for all the ties that bind.

2 thoughts on “August 1: Handfast Friends

  1. Love this, Libby. We were at a wedding of very dear friends yesterday and I can’t believe the coincidence of your poem. Am thoroughly enjoying your work. I only just worked out that I could subscribe so I haven’t seen as many as I should have, but am not missing a day now! Much love.

    • Thank you so much, darling! I’m so sorry for the belated response (I have now set up my phone to get notifications when folks comment), but it fills my heart with happiness knowing that we had this delightful bit of synchronicity. And thanks for reading! *smooches you thoroughly*

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