June 12: Tried Patience, or, Happy Birthday, Mom!

O Sainted Ellen of the Grilléd Cheese:
You fed the hungry lunch in bright array,
Our childish apprehensions did you ease,
And with your laughter banished our dismay,

And with a bowl, as first donned by St. Loony
Up the Cream Bun and Jam
, upon your head
Made golden halos seem supremely puny,
Declaring naughty words could now be said.

Irreverence isn’t singular among
Your virtues; kindness, fearless curiosity,
Inspire us to sing what was unsung
And emulate your thoughtful generosity.

I only hope my life will be as filled
With interests at which I’ll grow as skilled.

2 thoughts on “June 12: Tried Patience, or, Happy Birthday, Mom!

  1. Can’t recall the last time I put a bowl on my head; however the day is still young! Thanks you sweetie! I’m very touched.

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