June 10: Summarize Proust

My seatmate said, “That book is pretty big-
What’s it about?” I truly wish I knew
How to describe without seeming a prig
Marcel Proust’s À la recherche du temps perdu.

“The longest greatest longest novel ever written?”
“Reflections on names and shifting perceptions
That chronicle the joy of being smitten
By literature and love at its inception?”

“The book my friend and I had planned to read
The summer he abruptly passed away,
Thus kindling in me an impassioned need
To savor every volume past ‘Swann’s Way?’”

For reasons far too numerous to state,
I smiled at him and said, “It’s really great!”

2 thoughts on “June 10: Summarize Proust

  1. Just change the filters; airflow gets a boost–
    Oh, wait. So we’re not SUMMERizing Proust…?


    A sonnet a day is sure to make you a better poet! Good idea you have here!

    • Hee, this means that when the weather turns, I have to winterize Winterreise! I don’t know if the sonnets have made me a better poet, but they’ve certainly made me very good at writing sonnets D: Thanks for reading and commenting! Apologies for the slow response- I’ve set up notifications so now I know when people comment!

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