June 3: Sonnet 154

By means of online dictionaries paired
With equal measures of tenacity
And stubbornness, for five months I have bared
My life in sonnets for the world to see.

Though my ambitions sometimes fall quite short
Of what I dearly hope they will become,
Whether by concepts I fail to comport,
Or elements that cannot make a sum,

I take some pride in the accomplishment
Of tying Shakespeare’s sonnets, just in number,
Though naturally, I cannot but lament
That by his muses I am not encumbered.

Though Shakespeare is the star to my frail barque,
I’m still on course to intercept Petrarch.

4 thoughts on “June 3: Sonnet 154

    • There are 317 sonnets in Petrarch’s Canzoniere (though the rest of the 366 were other forms including 9 sestinas (!)), so if I manage to keep up the pace, I should pass him in November. August, if I’m only counting the first section (277 sonnets). And I believe the whole cycle is about love for Laura, both in life and in death.

  1. This perfectly entertaining sonnet/story encourages me to delve further into your blog for much more of the same. Nice work – Plutarch would laud your very attempt.

    • Gosh, thank you so much! As expected for a daily writing project, some days are more profound/entertaining than others, but I’m delighted that this one hit the spot for you. Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

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