May 22: At the Close

This is a moving-boxes time of year,
When piles of paper stacked precipitously
On horizontal surfaces appear
To cast their leaves away capriciously.

And as shed sheets infect desk after desk
They settle on the work that’s been assigned
And keep appearing, paperwork burlesque,
Resulting in paralysis of mind.

While teachers yearn for summer to arrive
Administrators brace for fiscal close.
What quarters system sadist did contrive
For both to be coevally imposed?

For one tends to succumb to greater tension
When one cannot be granted an extension.

2 thoughts on “May 22: At the Close

  1. This is a sonnet with which I most definitely identify at this time of year!

    I don’t check your sonnets every day, but I always find something delightful when I do, so thank you for that.

    • Aw, thanks darling! *hugs* Yeah, I didn’t think there were too many sonnets out there about fiscal close, despite the fact that deadlines are a universal experience. So why not? šŸ˜€

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