May 18: Mood Indigo

Photo Credit: Sarah Sato

Photo Credit: Sarah Sato

If I achieve some measure of success
And am invited, then, to sing or play,
I hope that graciousness I will possess
Like Emily Saliers and Amy Ray;

That when I’ve been performing thirty years
May I still be amenable to things
Both new and different with an easy cheer,
And may I still have voice with which to sing

For songs of struggle tie present to past,
Objections to injustice from those who
Believe the songs their conflicts will outlast,
Though knowing that the battle isn’t new.

That songs of peace live on is bittersweet-
They never will be rendered obsolete.

Inspiration: Singing a benefit concert of protest music that also featured the Indigo Girls. (ZOMGSQUEE!)

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