April 26: Knowing

When we sing chorally, it is a gift,
To all the world, but also you and me,
That’s all but guaranteed to give a lift
In spirit to those joined in harmony.

While music to musician will adhere
Inseparable as milk and flour in batter,
Between musicians, there can grow the fear
Of being judged for things which hardly matter.

But when with kindness and profound respect
For differences and similarities
We share a sacred space, we can connect
With gleeful and profound camaraderie.

Dismantling our distrust brings understanding,
Vicissitudes of ego notwithstanding.

Apologies for the late posting- I wrote this on the night of the 26th, but I was at a retreat center where internet was spotty. I’m home now and will be posting today’s sonnet at the usual time (i.e., after my second rehearsal).

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