April 8: A Viola Appreciation Sonnet

The violin’s vivacious, sweet, and wild.
The cello has a winsome, sexy air.
Viola is the awkward middle child,
Whose prospects sometimes fill us with despair.

Violas are so frequently ignored
Because they rarely play the melody,
Yet they give inner richness to each chord–
A voice of understated dignity.

And when it’s featured in a composition,
Viola’s melancholy, mellow voice
Is twice as joyful in juxtaposition–
Its alto sweetness makes a poignant choice.

Hector, Ralph, and Robert all agree:
What’s good for them is good for you and me.

Note: Apologies for the late posting- last night’s concert in LA went until midnight, and this sonnet was written during the drive back to San Diego, though by the time we got home at 2:00 am, I was fighting so hard to stay awake for long enough to walk the dogs that I completely forgot to post it before going to bed. As you can see, the concert was definitely inspirational! Don’t worry, there will be another sonnet today. I make no promises on whether it will make any sense.

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