January 7: Cornelius

As energy within covalent bonds,
Electrons joyful in an orbit shared,
Until reaction forces them beyond,
Their current state, relased into the air–

Thus love between two beings, when at rest,
Gives comfort to the pair who share the tie,
In giving self, each partner is twice-blessed,
For even when the time is right to die,

That sudden separation brings great pain,
And yet, it issues to the universe
A measure of immeasurable gain,
And none of us can ever be the worse.

While love will be inevitably severed,
Embracing it, we change the world forever.

2 thoughts on “January 7: Cornelius

    • Cornelius was my friend’s pet who passed away suddenly. Even though he was an ocean away, I felt that I knew him from her posts about him and tales of his and his siblings’ adventures, which set me thinking about how my friend’s love for her pet affects those of us who love her, and that’s what led to this piece.

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