Eeee! Now with video!

So that piece of music for which I wrote the lyrics that was premiered earlier this month at SACRA/PROFANA‘s Summer Choral Intensive?

SACRA/PROFANA posted a video of the performance!


Don’t the combined choirs sound amazing?? And isn’t Colin’s music gorgeous?? I am filled with joy and squee and excitement! I think Colin and I were very much on the same page creatively: my decision to use five-line stanzas and connect the stanzas with rhyme was influenced by Robert Frost, and I sometimes heard shades of Randall Thompson’s Frostiana in the setting, for all that the music has discrete moods that range from contemplative chant to a musical flood that captures some of the violence and defiance of the text spectacularly. *bounces* I LOVE IT!

In other news, I have nearly finished integrating my third round of edits on the book o’ sonnets, so it’s looking like I may actually have an actual book to announce by the end of the summer! I will be sure to keep y’all posted on that. You won’t be able to avoid the news, honestly. Heh heh heh.

But seriously, I love this book so much, but I’m getting tired of looking at it. According to the YA authors’ panel I attended at Comic-Con, being sick of looking at it is how you know it’s ready to send out in to the world. Brace yourself, world. SONNETS ARE COMING.

Love to All,


Adventures in Quantum Fiction

It’s been a busy final quarter of 2015, during which I have finished writing no less than three stories and had the great pleasure of singing in the chorus of Bizet’s Carmen by the Pacific Lyric Opera. I’ll also be singing Berlioz’s Te Deum with the San Diego Symphony and caroling like a champ, because Christmas music is so much more than endless covers of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and “Santa Baby.”

This being the season of giving, I would like to point you in the direction of Quantum Shorts, where there are dozens of delightful flash fiction stories inspired by quantum physics/mechanics/theory/technology/etc.  available to read for FREE!

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I have a horse, or in this case, a quantum chicken, in the race.  I hope you enjoy my story, The Spherical Chicken. And if you do, please consider voting for it!

I’m slowly gathering feedback on my attempt to turn last year’s Sonnet Project into a book, but that is in the works, as is a story for a new anthology, and of course, that novel I keep threatening to finish. Given that it’s science fiction, the Quantum Shorts contest was just the right thing to get me thinking about it again.

Happiest of Holidays and a Splendid New Year to All!




February 7: Little Bits

A run-through is a satisfying thing;
To hear where your part fits within the whole,
And learn the proper place to stand and sing,
And feel as though all share common goal.

But when the final notes have dissipated,
There’s hardy time to celebrate success;
Our egos will be presently deflated,
As little bits of music we address.

A little bit less here, and don’t crescendo!
A little bit connected; no marcato!
A little bit less there: diminuendo!
A little bit more accent- there’s staccato!

A little bit disheartening it may be,
But in the details one finds artistry.